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A Key to School Success- High Expectations and Clear Goals

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When the goal is clearly defined and embraced, when every team member accurately understands their individual role and is 100% committed to performing their role to the best of their ability and when correction and instruction is provided as needed to reach the goal…that team will succeed. If, however, the goal is not clearly defined or embraced, if team members either don’t understand how to fulfill their role or don’t want to, and no correction or instruction is provided to help team members succeed in their role, the team will not succeed. The same is true for a school. School leaders- are you absolutely sure every educator knows your team goal(s)? Are you absolutely sure they know how to get help (or how to be self-reflective enough to know they need help) whether it’s with pedagogy, classroom management or their own social-emotional health? Are you absolutely sure each student knows how they are expected to behave on campus each day, whether in class, in the lunchroom or during free time? Are you absolutely sure all of your families understand the student behavioral expectations and the family support expectations?

The team cannot win unless everyone understands the goal, is fully committed to the goal and is supported in achieving the goal.

Please let me know if you need help in any of these areas…it would be my honor to help your team. Greatness does not happen by chance- it happens because each member of the team is intention, strategic and relentless in pursuing greatness, every single day.

Jackie Matthews

Jackie Matthews

Education done well (with excellence, passion and love) can change individual lives and entire communities for generations. One of the most exciting and rewarding personal experiences in my life is watching someone “get it."

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