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Don’t think teaching behavioral expectations to our students is important or even possible? Think again!

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Mike McCarthy, head coach of the Green Bay Packers, was recently interviewed at the end of the Packer’s first practice day. Reporters were asking about Rogers’ arm, some receivers’ catches and other football things that happened in the first day of practice. McCarthy said, “We didn’t break out the footballs today – we worked on expectations and behaviors at practice and in the dressing rooms.”

If a multi-million dollar football team dedicates the entire first day of practice to teaching their professional athletes exactly what will be expected of them on and off the field, then maybe spending time teaching our students exactly what is expected of them in our classrooms and throughout their school day would be a value investment in our students. Research shows the average teacher loses 5+ hours per school week to low level misbehavior. Imagine getting those lost hours back? When you calm the classroom, you improve the learning, test scores and relationships between teachers and students. It’s all good.

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Jackie Matthews

Jackie Matthews

Education done well (with excellence, passion and love) can change individual lives and entire communities for generations. One of the most exciting and rewarding personal experiences in my life is watching someone “get it."

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