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This is our time. The classroom is our mission field. You + God = Unbeatable Team.

Being a teacher is not a job; it is a holy calling. It is the best (and at times, the hardest) job of all. Every day, you devote yourself to teaching, guiding and mentoring our next generation. If you are an educator, you are my hero! You are America’s First Responder. But while you are hard at work educating your students, who is investing in the emotional, physical and spiritual well-being of our teachers? Educators- my heart’s desire is to love, support, encourage, and inspire you as you answer God’s call to be an amazing influencer in the lives of your students.

Teachers are missionaries. Teachers are motivators. Teachers are mentors.

On Campus Professional Development

What makes my PD days unique and effective? When I was a teacher I hated PD days… sitting all day and listening to a boring presentation drove me crazy! I refuse to waste your teachers’ time. I don’t just talk at your teachers for hours and then leave. I facilitate meaningful conversations among your staff to help them see changes that can be made within your unique school culture. My goal is to provide useful information and best practice strategies so that your team can then make meaningful changes. I make sure we have a lot of fun. I bring games, music, video clips and prizes to create a fun atmosphere and make the learning engaging. My prayer is that, when I leave your campus, your teachers are refreshed, energized, connected, focused and ready to get back to the awesome business of teaching the next generation!

1/2 day is $750 plus expenses. Full day is $1,250 plus expenses.

Please email Jackie at info@jackie-matthews.com to inquire about discounts for private and Title I schools.

Family Engagement Strategies (1/2 day) K-5

Teachers will learn research based, best practices to connect with students’ families and guide them how to best help their student. When the family is effective at helping the student at home, grades and test scores go up, absenteeism and misbehavior goes down.

Pro-Active Classroom Management Strategies (1/2 day and full day) K-8

Learn graceful ways to avoid power struggles that derail learning, discover effective ways to engage and motivate learners. Engaged learners do not act out in class.

Effective Strategies for positive work/life balance (1/2 day) K-12

Educators are facing job related stress, trauma and tertiary trauma in record numbers. Stressed out teachers cannot perform at their best; they have trouble connecting with students, preparing and delivering quality lessons, and effectively handling classroom management issues. All teachers benefit from learning positive strategies for managing stress and finding a healthy work/life balance.

Teaching Students Self-Management Skills (1/2 day) K-12

What happens if the only reason students behave appropriately is to avoid disciplinary action? What happens to a student if the only time they get their work done is when an adult is constantly on them? Learn ways to teach students self- motivation, self- discipline and self-reflection.

More Services

Faculty Retreat


/day + expenses

Aligning our hearts with the Heart of the Master Teacher: The Power of the Positive Teacher (1-2 days) K-12 Aligning.



plus expenses

Fundraising Event: The Greatest Joy- a Life Well Spent.

Faculty Appreciation Luncheon: Changing the World, One Child at a Time

Testimonials From Clients

Wisdom exudes from this dynamic woman of God!

I felt that after she spoke to us, we could walk away and put into practice what she taught. It wasn't pie in the sky!

Her walk and level of integrity are rare!

She has experienced big challenges in her life and has come through them in victory that points to Jesus. Her heart is so tender to others in this.

Jackie has a healthy private life which shows itself strong publicly.

When Jackie speaks - she keeps it real and demonstrates her heart.

Jackie does an incredible job of communicating God's Word in a way that connects to where people live.

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